Who We Are – YOUR Team

Here are the people behind the friendly phone voices, the knowledgeable emails, the efficient Service of Process crew responsible for making all the good stuff happen.

Joseph "Jerry" Rodriguez

CEO and President


With more than 40 years in the business, Jerry is the guy you want at the helm. He was a Miami-Dade Police Officer for 15 years, then a U.S. Dept of Justice Federal Agent for another 10 years, so he knows all about serving defendants of all stripes. With multiple prestigious awards and Board positions under his belt, he is always ready to roll up his sleeves and dig in on the next evasive client case. While not sleuthing out defendants or running the business, Jerry likes to ski the mountains of Colorado and travel.

Monica Campos

Director of Operations


Working with Countywide for over a decade, Monica is well versed in handling the high volume of a busy office. Her long arm of experience gives clients an advantage, as she can quickly pull together seemingly disparate pieces of information into a cohesive picture. She knows the legalities of the business inside and out. In her spare time, Monica enjoys live streaming podcasts and teaching yoga.

Amanda Rodriguez



A highlight for Amanda is that the job is always different, a new challenge every day. A numbers geek, she loves accounting budgeting, accounts payables/receivables, and watching the numbers line up into nice even columns. Her love of accuracy and efficiency makes clients VERY happy. She is a golfer, a fitness buff, and planning her soon-to-happen wedding.

“I’ve been using Countywide Process Services for a long time. They always get the job done. They’re good at investigations, finding people, skip tracing, serving subpoenas – they’ve never had a problem with anything.”

Sally Kramer, MALLARD & SHARP, P.A.