Special Process Service

Some high-profile, celebrity, or high-risk subjects require special process handling to serve them documents. No problem. Our innovative No Knock Approach is unique to Countywide, utilizing surveillance, for a 95% success rate.

A Unique Approach with High Success Rates

When a service subject is known to be at a residence, we will surveil the residence until he finally emerges from the building and will serve him successfully at his appearance. This surveillance concept from the Investigation division blends the needs of the Process Service division and distinguishes us as uniquely qualified to serve documents to subjects that need special process treatment. 

Other special process service treatments are used to serve documents for different situations, such as:

  • Airport flight risk
  • Jails
  • Evasive subject
Special Process Service Surveillance
Let Us Show You What We Can Do For You
Let us know your need for a customized innovative Special Process Service. We love devising creative solutions to thorny service problems, as only Countywide can do.

“I’ve had a good experience with Countywide, with no complaints at all. It’s a company I’ve used for many years and am very happy with . They’re very easy to work with and accessible to be reached when I need a question answered.”