Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions we hear.

How do I know the current progress of my project?

You have multiple ways to check the status of a file:


  • Log in to your secure client portal here
  • Call the CountywidePS office (305) 234-5858
  • Email us at
When do your process servers attempt to serve documents?

Our agents are busy attempting service at all hours of the day or night, as warranted by the case.  However, residences are not disturbed in the late evenings.  When evasive subjects are known to be at a specific location, Countywide’s cross-licensed agents may surveil the location to monitor when the subject exits, to serve the documents at that opportune time. 

Businesses are typically served during their regular posted business hours.

Is proof of service automatically sent, or do I need to file?

Instant email verification is sent to you once the paper is served.

We notify the court that the subject has been served with an Affidavit of Service on your behalf if so requested. Verified Returns of Service are mailed promptly to your office. 

Of course, you can always check the status of any case by clicking on the Status Inquiry tab to enter our secure client portal. 

What are your fees?

,Each service case is unique depending on many factors because of the customized nature of each case. Our prices start at $75, however, we are certainly competitively priced in the industry and also offer Specialty Process Service that our competitors do not offer.  Please contact us for pricing details on your case.

Can I use a Sheriff to serve documents?

Yes, most states (but not D.C.) allow a Sheriff to serve legal documents, but it is not always advisable to rely on their completing this service, as they need to squeeze it in with their other duties, with no accountability to be timely.  If the documents are never served, it’s your unfortunate loss.  And finding an evasive subject to serve is even more of a lost cause if using a Sheriff.

Better to use a Process Server, that you know will capably service your documents.  Especially true when you’re in a rush with a looming court date.

I have been unsuccessful serving documents for a defendant through several sources. How is Countywide different from the others to help me?

Our specialty is locating and serving evasive, wily defendants trying to conceal their whereabouts.  We have succeeded where others have failed.  Our high success rate, 95% with our No Knock Approach, is due to the cross-licensing of our agents, who are duel licensed as investigators and process servers.

We look forward to locating and serving documents for your evasive subject.

Who do I call with account, project, or just general questions?

For all questions, be they account-related, project-related, or general inquiries please call our knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly staff at (305) 234-5858.

We truly love talking to clients and exceeding customer service expectations.

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