Eviction Services

When some tenants don’t work out and it’s time to evict, our Eviction Service can do all the work for you.

Well Versed in the Process of Eviction

From the 3-day court order to terminate lease, to changing out the door keys, and everything in between, our eviction service can do it all. We are well versed in the process of eviction.

We are also very experienced in servicing foreclosure accounts, having done so since it was first established.  Countywide is well known for seamlessly processing a large volume of work from law firms that specialize in foreclosure cases.

We systematically exhaust all possible addresses in a foreclosure then track down individuals using state-of-the-art technology, serving all relevant parties as required – all tenants in possession and even absentee owners – for stellar client service.

Eviction Services
Let Us Show You What We Can Do For You
Let us make your next difficult eviction or foreclosure case court filing that much easier. Fill out the form to contact us today.

“I’ve had a good experience with Countywide, with no complaints at all. It’s a company I’ve used for many years and am very happy with . I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them.”