Enhanced Skip Tracing

Need to locate a debtor, defendant, witness, or heir? Only have limited information to work with?  Some hard to locate individuals are intentionally hiding from debt collectors, a pending summons, a court date, while others are extremely private or just not on the grid recently enough to be found.

Here’s Where We Shine Brighter

We specialize in locating and serving the most evasive, hard to find debtor subjects, perhaps attempting to conceal their whereabouts.  Where others may fail in this arena, we succeed. 

With our agents duo licensed as investigators as well as process servers, we have access to real time data, on driver’s license checks, motor vehicle registrations, and insurance verifications – enhanced information that is not readily available to others merely doing a public records search.  By comparing these immediate files with public records, we achieve great success in tracking down and serving those defendants who may be trying very hard to avoid being found.   

Skip trace service
Enhanced Skip Tracing Services

When you need the most detailed report on a defendant, our Enhanced Skip Tracing service is what you need.

Our Affidavit of Due Diligence is one of the most detailed statewide affidavits that suffices with every court in the state.  It can provide information on:


Property records


Credit score details


Criminal history


Legal and court history


Tax and other financial details


Known travel records


Social media accounts


Utility records


Social security and disability records


Government job application information

Countywide offers Skip Tracing in many scenarios:


Military status verification


Affidavit of due diligence

Death certificate

Death certificate search

Eviction Services

Occupancy verification


Heir and probate searches

SS card

Social security number verification


Tenant verification

Let Us Show You What We Can Do For You

We can help. Contact us with subject detials for Enhanced Skip Tracing Services for your next case involving a hard to locate client.

“I’ve been using Countywide Process Services ever since I’ve been working here, probably about 9 years, so they’ve been doing a good job for a long time. They always get the job done. They’ve never not been able to serve anything!”

Sally Kramer, MALLARD & SHARP, P.A.