We LOVE engaging in long term relationships with our clients, and several of them spoke up to say they agree. Thank you to all, for making us smile while working hard every day.
“I have used Countywide with every law firm that I’ve been in, where I can; I simply wouldn’t consider using any other process server.

Countywide is very responsive which I value – if I ever have an issue, they get right back to me. They are so accessible and pivot quickly, due to the size of their labor force, which allows them to serve documents quickly and efficiently.

Their depth is their strength, with pricing consistent with the industry. But pricing is not an issue since you get what you pay for. With a busy practice, I count on them updating me with a followup every 7-10 days so things don’t fall through the cracks, which they always do”

Ralf Rodriguez


“I’ve used them a lot. They’ve been very efficient, they provide fast updates, they always keep me in the loop of what’s going on and they don’t proceed without authorization which I appreciate because sometimes my attorneys want to proceed in a different route. I think they’re very professional and we don’t use anyone else. A preferred resource in the office. Professional, friendly, very fast service, which we appreciate because most of the subpoenas we send out are rush, and they do them very fast and well.”
Samantha Jourieh


“I’ve had a good experience with Countywide, with no complaints at all. It’s a company I’ve used for many years and am very happy with. They’re very easy to work with and accessible to be reached when I need a question answered. They’ve sometimes gone beyond the call of duty to bring out things to me when I haven’t been able to. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them.”
Martha Salabarria


“I’ve been using them ever since I’ve been working here, probably about 9 years, so they’ve been doing a good job for a long time. They always get the job done, they’ve never not been able to serve anything. They’re good at investigations, finding people, skip tracing, serving subpoenas – they’ve never had a problem with anything.”
Sally Kramer


“They’re excellent, they’re great people, really sweet, very professional, I don’t think there’s enough good things I can say about them. They’re efficient and prompt with everything, When you send them an email, they answer you quickly, they’re just great. In cases where a case has settled and an invoice has come in and fallen through the cracks, they wrote it off. They’re just great”
Nancy Rodriguez


“We are very happy with their services; there is nothing they should change! They have been very helpful, we have a great working relationship. I’ve been using them for a year and a half, but I’m fairly new to the firm. The process servers I’ve used in the past did not have the Investigative angle. Countywide is very very good at investigations, at finding and getting the person served. I use them whenever I need their services, they’re my go to, and I have recommended them to other people in the firm. If there is a person that we know from the get-go is going to be a difficult person to serve, it’s just easier to call Countywide and get them on the job. I just explain the situation to them and they strategize and we’ll work together to get the person served.”
Frances Santelices


“A client told me that she appreciated that I always go the extra mile to help out. And that’s my goal – to leave a mark on our clients, to be remarkable, to have them think of Countywide as the best process server.”

Kayla Rodriguez, CountywidePS Compliance Specialist